Crabbie SandboxLooking for a Sandbox?

As a parent, I have had bundles of joy watching my kids play in both plastic sandboxes like: the Little Tikes sandbox, a Step 2 sandbox and wooden sandboxes like: a Kidkraft sandbox.  Because of that, I am fully aware that a children s sandbox (like any other toy) may bring lots of joy one summer, but a child can outgrow it very quickly.

It is precisely for this reason that the team at dig around for toys that are good value for money.  By this we mean:


  • A sandbox that is safe and durable, and bring your child lots of fun;
  • One that carries good value for money, with the best online prices.

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Popular Sandboxes

The sandboxes featured here have been rated highly by parents for several years running for our 2 main criteria:     1) Safety & Fun, 2) Good value for money.  Both parents & children love them!

Step 2 sand and water table

Sand and Water Table

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Turtle Sandbox

Step 2 Sandbox
Step 2 Sandbox

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What is the Best Children’s Sandbox?

A common question buyers have is: “With the choices available, what is best type of sandbox to buy?”  While this is a personal choice, we recommend that you consider 2 things:

  1. How long do you plan to use it for
Is it for younger children (<2 years old)?  And is the aim to provide enjoyment for the short term?                  If  so, the Crabbie Sandbox, and Turtle Sandbox are popular choices.

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For older children who need more room to play in and grow into, the larger sandboxes like:  Step 2  Sandbox,  Step 2 Sandtable and Kidkraft wooden sandbox are choice buys.
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2.      Plastic or Wooden Sandboxes

Once again, this is largely a personal preference.  Plastic sandboxes are easily assembled and stored away. With wooden sandboxes, parents love the way they blend into a garden, but they require more work (assembly and maintenance).  Given the questions around wooden vs plastic boxes, here is an overview of both types of sandboxes:

Plastic Sandboxes

    Pros Cons
    1. Little, or no assembly required
    2. Typically come with covers
    3. Portable – a plus point as you can move them around in the garden.
    1. Risk of fading in warmer climate

    Wooden Sandboxes

    Pros Cons
    1. Variety of shapes/sizes – square, rectangle, hexagonal
    2. Smart, Sturdy and Durable.  Some assembly required.
    3. Blends in with garden settings.
    4. Expected to last longer than plastic sandboxes.
    1. While maintenance is not essential, it is recommended once every few years to prolong the lifespan  of the sandbox.
    Types of wood used and its durability: 

    Pine – less expensice, expected to last a few years with some maintenance (3-5 years)

    Spruce/Cedar – more expensive but long lasting, with regular maintenance.

Summary: Children sSandbox

We are spoilt for choice with the variety available online.  By highlighting some questions to consider, and the most popular choices, we hope to have narrowed down your search considerably.  Due to the regular sales updates, we recommend that you check out the latest sale prices at this store before the summer is out!

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